Quick Stop at St. Louis Missouri

My friend need some hours for his pilot license so we decided to fly down to St. Louis to talk around for half a day. We were able to make it out alive without any bullet proof vest. Lots of old building in town, I can imagine in my head how awesome this place used to look like. Not saying it’s bad right now but those bridges are probably 100 years old. Went to visit the Arch but it was closed, so we looked around outside, then we went have BBQ, we ordered the Adam Bomb to share, quite tasty. After that we went to the Zoo, it was free! Well we also stopped by the site of the 1904 World’s fair. Sadly It has been months since I used my x700 and forgot it sticks at 1/1000, so here are what’s interesting and usable. I am also getting tired of the never-ending bottle of Rodinal, I need to go back to XTOL soon. Other than that I found a Epson V500 at thrift, that is what I am using now, it’s also slightly different from my old 4490. Can’t believe I haven’t developed a roll of film since last Nov, well I was very low on film, good thing I just traded some work for some film. Expired, and only 24 EXP, sigh. But Tri X is Tri X right.

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