Couple 4x5s

Broke out my Speed Graphic the other day, haven’t shot any large format 4×5 in a long time, went around and took a couple shots. I am getting sick of scanning those negatives in half and then stitch them back together though, as I don’t have a 4×5 scanner. Oh well it’s not like I have something that terrific anyways. Thinking about bringing the beast to the hockey game, not sure what I can shoot with it but it will be fun.



Mart Dock

2 thoughts on “Couple 4x5s

  1. While I love shooting my little 35mm machines for their portability and myriads of lenses, they’ll never compete with the sharpness, detail, and tonal range of a big piece of film. That first shot above is spectacular.

  2. Excellent! Pictures taken by corporate photographers on 4 x 5 and 8 x 10 have certain qualities that will never be found again. I had the pleasure of being a corporate photog, but not in the really old days. Just the 20th Century.

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