Muskegon Lumberjacks with Nikon F5 and Fuji 800

   Hello everyone, it’s been a while! While I highly doubt any of you wondered where I’ve been, I am going to tell you anyway. Well I’ve been busy, mainly around the house. Finding quiet time to develop film is next to impossible around here, or maybe by the time I could actually do it, I get lazy. I’m sure there are like 4 rolls or so of black and white laying around waiting to be developed. (Yeah, then I gotta mix up some Xtol because I am sick of Rodinal…. blah blah blah who wants to hear that, right?)

D800 Digital

  Alright, I will tell you something a little more interesting. In the middle of all this chaos, somehow I got hooked up with the local USHL hockey team and have been providing photographic services to them ever since. It started out as finding something to do for the kids on weekends. So, obviously, I bring my camera with. Then, I got to talk to the team over Christmas, one thing lead to another I ended up with a press pass.

Alright, license to photograph? I’m game! Well,  the funnier thing is, if you all still remember, I do, or well, did a lot of street photography. The team mainly wanted me to take photos of the fans instead of the actual game. So, really, license to do street photography? Ha ha ha ha, Right? Obviously, I like to photograph every damn thing. So, you get a little bit of everything from me. I mean, I can only take so many photos of fans a night, and I can’t help but photograph some of the action too.

During the last game of the season, (well, it could not have been the last, it was game #4 in the play offs and I had a pretty good feeling it would be the last), I had to get my Nikon F5  in the game and play around. Sadly I can’t source nor afford any good 800 film locally, so I ended up with some consumer 800 Fuji. How did the F5 hold up in 2017? Faster than my D800, but, obviously can’t match the ISO. Oh, look at the one with Tyler in the parking booth. It almost has a Kodachrome feel. I did think about bringing my 4×5 Speed graphic in there, but I didn’t, maybe next year!

Save by Brizgala! Nikon F5.


I got hooked up with the local soccer team as the official photographer this summer, we will see how that one goes.
I could sneak some film in there, after all it is outdoor!

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