D-Day Plus 73 at the USS LST 393

The USS LST 393 is a World War II landing ship that is now docking permanently at Muskegon lake and serves as a museum. The ship was part of the landing in Normandy on D-Day. This year they celebrated the anniversary with an event called D-Day Plus 73. Events included a swing dance party, pin-up contest, re-enactments and more. Well, before I headed to work that Saturday afternoon I stopped by for an hour or so with my Kodak Retina and Tri X. It was before the pin-up contest and the re-enactment, so I walked around and took some shots of what I could. I really could have stayed there all day, but like I mentioned, I had to work. P.S. after 2 years that bottle of Rodinal is still not gone yet, but I finally made some Xtol again!


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