4×5 Portrait

Haven’t blogged in a while, haven’t had the time to process film at all, or willingly to afford them lately. However that doesn’t mean I don’t shoot it here and there, I’ve been day dreaming about shooting the Rolleiflex too.

Any who, about this photo, I finally found a tripod (well, it’s a weird tripod possibly for some old 16mm movie cam) from thrift store big enough to hold the Calumet 4×5 that I probably had over a year, or two. Had a job for a portrait session so I bought that with as well. Got a Schneider on with Tri X Pan 320 and some strobes (that I purchased at a hospital parking lot, for real). Ah, right, I don’t have a 4×5 Scanner either so I had a shop scanning it. it’s probably even better if I can control that process as well. I think I developed it in XTOL, no, now I think about it, it must be Rodinal 1+50.

7 thoughts on “4×5 Portrait

  1. Nice and sharp! You gotta love those tones that seem like can only be provided by a big negative. For a while now I’ve been wanting to do some 4×5 portraits myself. Just need to find willing subjects who can sit still for a few seconds, LOL.

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