May 2013 HP5+

A special thank you to Ray, Roger, Jim, Vassilis and Alex, for actually reading and share your input with me last week. Alright, why did i have 24EXP roll of film? I hate them! Apparently that’s what I used in this passed weekend, I thought my camera jammed at frame #26. (I was a little […]

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  Me and the lady went over to see Sylvan Esso at Milwaukee’s Summer Fest. Obviously the other part of this trip is to take some photos. Alright, let’s talk about Milwaukee for a bit. This is the first time I went to Milwaukee and first impression? Friendly, people just get along. Besides that, well […]

His First Roll of Black and White Film

  I gave the wee little one an Olympus Infinity Stylus for his birthday, along with several rolls of HP5+, since there is a Tri X Shortage in my fridge. After I processed the roll, we looked at the negatives with a loupe against the lights and also the scans, with the negatives much more […]


  I talked to Vassilis the other day and he wondered why I haven’t post anything lately. I didn’t think it was that long ago since my last post until I look at my admin panel – almost a month. Well, I have been shooting. And my excuse is that the photos weren’t very interesting […]

Senior Photo Shoot 2013

  It has been a while since I’ve done any kind of photo shoot. I got talked into doing someone’s senior photos several weeks ago. I decided to go all-film, with my work camera that hasn’t seen the day of light in a while – Mamiya 645 PRO. I used two rolls of Fuji PRO […]

Super Ricohflex

    My Rolleiflex is out of action indefinitely, and I’ve been itching to shoot a TLR. The only other real TLR i have is the Super Ricohflex. Even though it’s not quite a leap, in a sense, I need a field test on this thing. I’ve never really tested it thoroughly ever since I […]

Kentmere 100 Review

  Several weeks ago RR Alexanders from The Crossings sent me a couple rolls of his favorite film – Kentmere 100 to try out after hearing my film shortage. Then Joe decided to get me a Nikon F body to play with, because he feels like it, I supposed. Works like a charm after I […]