About Me

.Film 1 - 686


I photograph something to see what it looks like in a photograph.



Suspending time and space on silver halide.




.A special thanks to all of the people who’re responsible for making this blog possible.


 Have a broken camera that you are going to throw away? Throw it at me instead!
I operate a camera rehabilitation facility right in my room.
All ‘eye witnesses of history’ deserves a second chance at life.



You May NOT Display, Print, Copy, Transmit, Or Reproduce Any of These Photos In This Gallery on Any Medium Without a Written Contact From Derek W © 2014.

or get eaten alive by sharks

60 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello there Derek:
    I hope you are doing fantastic ! I am Oscar I live in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. The thing is that I got a Brownie camera from a thrift store for my daughter, she’s getting into photography and design and she got so exited when I told her I had a 100 year old camera for her. I read your note in this website:
    So, wanted to ask you. What happened with the pictures that were in the camera ? I read your note and I had to send you an e-mail to ask you. Take care man.

    • How fun that you found a very old brownie camera for your daughter. You asked what happened to the roll of 130 film in the camera?

      https://dehk.wordpress.com/2010/11/05/developing-130-film-with-d76/ It was a lot of work doing it by hand, I need to make a better plan on keeping time in the dark next time other than counting out loud literally. Well I can’t see a timer in the dark, nor want to touch one with chemicals on my hand. Does the camera you bought also have a roll of exposed film?

      During the course of unloading the 130 film from the backing paper, I tried my best to preserve the backing paper on the spool, which is now rolled back up onto to spool in my display case, it looks very nice.

  2. Dehk, I came across a Kodak senior six-16 at my 86 year old aunt’s home. In the camera was a roll of film that was never developed. are you still developing this film for a fee? I would love to see if there is anything on it that can be viewed.


  3. Made it here through your panoramic of Grand Rapids on Wikipedia. Do you plan to do a more recent version anytime soon? I’d be interested in buying a print of it. GR is home, even if I can’t live there for job reasons. Thanks!

    • Hey Mary, thanks for being interested in my work. As of right now I don’t have plans to re-new the panorama of grand rapids. Even though I’m not particularly too interested in that idea anymore, I feel like it’s time to re visit it again, soon, perhaps in a couple months. I’ll be sure to let you know when that happens. Cheers.

  4. hi Derek! I read in a post you did on Petri rangefinders that you will repair them! I have a jammed Petri 7s 1.8 that I just got on eBay, and would love to be able to shoot. could you give me a quote on repairs if you still do it? love your site, too. very nice!

  5. Hi Derek. Thanks for leaving the ‘like’ on my attempted street photography post. I am especially pleased as I thought I was following you from the last time you did it but was surprised to see I was not, so I’m remedying that. I thought I had ‘followed’ for two special reasons: your blog is just the kind of thing I was asking for in a recent post, one from someone who takes photographs on film but posts more than just pictures; your gravatar, with Mamiya no less, is almost a twin of mine. Fascinating info in your postings and I’ve only had time to go through a little so far. Looking forward to seeing your future posts.

    • Thanks for following me also, and I do see your avatar, your mamiya is much better than mine 🙂 If you have any questions or comments don’t be afraid to ask, I don’t know everything but 2 minds is better than one (sometimes!). Cheers.

  6. Hi Derek, thanks for visiting our blog. Glad you discovered us as that gave us a chance to find you. We’re all about analog and have our own wet darkroom so we will happily follow you. Not many of us dinosaurs around in this digital world, but I do believe the numbers are growing as digital photographers become uninspired by their results. There’s just nothing like film. Have a great rest of the week.

    Marks and Joey

    • Hello there, sorry it took me a while to respond. I found your message in my spam, I don’t know why, but good thing I check it once in a while. It is very nice to meet you too!

  7. I finally dodged off my iPhone and had a chance to look at your work on the MacBook. Really awesome work and love the ebook. Very creative approach to presenting a fantastic portfolio of images. With a name like Derek, I wouldn’t expect anything less than best. Cheers man!!

    • Even though I hate to be infront of the camera, however I do support and (continuously) have high hope for your series, so I am not going to say no, but ask me again next year 😀

  8. Hi Derek! I found your blog through @grumpytykepix ‘s and I find it great.
    By the way, I may be poorer than you so I’m afraid that the only thing I can donate with is experience 😀

  9. I am very happy to find your blog. Your work is beautiful! I am in Illinois, 60 miles west of Chicago. In this huge world of internet, finding you are in Michigan makes me feel like as if we were neighbors. 🙂

  10. Derek, this is the most interesting About page I have ever read. I will look forward to seeing more of your posts. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  11. NIce portfolio dude. It’s seems you’ve been at this for a long time already. Great collection, been trying my hands in processing my own films too. Will look forward to more soon. God bless and cheers!

    • If i have a great name for my blog, what is the exactly opposite of that? I supposed i have to investigate!

      I am glad you like my photos, thank you with the encouragement.

  12. I have a weird probleem with my petri 2.8 super. As the shutter is being cocked now but it fires immediately after the winding lever is brought from the retreated position to extended position, I’m bogling around with it for over a week now, so I’d like some help

    • I think it’s out of alignment. I think, if you grab the whole lens barrel and slightly twist it one way or the other could fix your problem. The WHOLE barrel needs to be twisted, relative from the body.

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