Back in Black, and White

  Finally, back in black – and white, back in my comfort zone. As you may know I posted some E6 and C41 in the last two posts. I really hate sending my film out because that means I have no control over it. When something goes wrong, a lot of times I wouldn’t know […]

Yashica Electro 35 GSN Review

  I some how ended up with a Yashica Electro GSN the other day. Well, it belonged to Ray, he traded it with Dan, and Dan traded it with me. I gave it a tune up, checked the “pad of death”,  cleaned it thoroughly, and quickly shot  test roll. Equipment Yashica Electro 35 GSN Ilford […]

A Black And White Birthday

  Little Man is 5 this year. Let there be a tradition of a black and white birthday until I can’t buy film anymore, or until the world ends, wait a minute it is 2012 anyways. This year I teamed up a Nikkormat FT with AIS 50mm f1.4 with Tri X. And The Rolleiflex T […]

Silver Gelatin Prints November 2011

I spent 7 hours in the darkroom today. And I got some pretty good prints. However, ALL the scans will NOT do justice to the real prints AT ALL. Digitizing my analog prints are stupid, it kills all the tonality. And everyone’s monitor looks different to begin with. However, If you still want to look […]

Argus C3 with Sandmar 35mm f4.5 Test, ERA Film Test, and more…

Specifically for this test I was using the Argus C3 Colormatic body with a Argus Sandmar 35mm f4.5 with a lens hood. I have another c3 body, the colormatic pretty much just has different color shutter speed for different film, other than that its identical to regular C3. At the bottom of the lens barrel […]

Purple Heart – Private First Class Mel Pitt

Mel Pitt Disclaimer: I try to tell you his stories by my memory, so don’t quote me. All photos copyrighted dehk © 2011 Me and Mel talking outside the garage. Mel is an older guy that lives up the road from me for years, but I never met him until last year he came down […]

A weekend in life with a Rolleiflex T

Right, you guys might forgot what happens when I am not playing around and actually use good film and (known) good camera. Rolleiflex T. HP5+ D76 1:1 20C 11min homemade Rotary. Eyeball metering. Fishing for leaves in the ‘pond’. He got me up a little to early in the morning. Coming home Raking some leaves […]