Kuribayashi Petri 7S

Kuribayashi Petri 7S f2.8

Format 35mm rangefinder
Coupled Range Finder Yes with parallax correction mark
Lens Petri 2.8 45mm C (Coated)
f stop f 1.9 or f2.8  – f16
Elements Not sure, didn’t count.
Shutter Petri MVE Shutter
Shutter Speed B 1 2 4 8 15 30 60 125 250 500
Aperture blades 5 – forms pentagon shapes
Hot Shoe Cold Shoe
PC Sync M and X
Up to 1/500 with electronic flash
Meter Yes, Selenium ASA 10-400
Cable Release Socket Yes
Lens Attachment Available Yes
Build Quality Good
Build Material (Internal) Fair
Feels in hand. Feels Good


I  take donations of parts cameras, also service yours.




  • Good looking camera
  • Build in selenium meter (not suitable for low light), reading from inside the view finder and top
  • Light meter cell built inside the filter threads, so it will automatically take correct readings with the filter on
  • Sharp lens
  • High quality Copal leaf shutter
  • Does not like the “thud” at the end of each time you advance the film.
  • Selenium meter runs on carbon strips, chances are most of them wore out and doesn’t work anymore
  • Doesn’t feel as good as The Petri 1.9
  • A good deal as long as they are priced reasonably, I got mine for under $30.


For Petri 7S and Petri 1.9 Side by Side Comparison, Click Here
For info only about the Petri 1.9, Click Here

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