Rabbits, Knifes, Grill, Neopan and F4

Disclaimer: You will see dead meat.

Friends down the road breeds rabbits and they decided to give away two because they are at the right age to be eaten, so, alright, we’ll take them, and going to throw them on the charcoal grill.

After we killed them at the farm so they’d fit in the box easier.
Me and Joe went across the street from my house to gut the rabbits. They are pretty big.

Joe’s about to start the first one, and he poked the damn bladder, least we think that’s what it is.

After we were done, we went inside to wash our hands, and the damn cats took the fur. Ok you might wonder why I didn’t take more photos during the process? Well, even though the F4 is weather sealed all the way around, that doesn’t mean I want blood and rabbits into or onto my camera. It actually took us a while to process the rabbits, mainly had to take the layer off between the fur and the meat.

Back at headquarter, I said “Joe put your phone down and go pretend you’re cooking”.
I seasoned the rabbits with seasoned salt and pam, that’s really all it needs.
FDA said cook them to 160F, so I did.

The finished products, yeah we been eating the front legs as we go.
How it taste? Taste like pork, texture like chicken, and very moist.
They were good.

Nikon F4, AIS 50mm 1.4 , TMX developer.

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