In Memory of RRAlexander

  Sunday morning I woke up to an email about RRAlexander – an avid film photographer, a fellow wordpress blogger, and most importantly, a good friend of mine.

  His wife said: “I’m going through R’s list of contacts and I’m writing to people that I know R knew and had special friendships with to let them know that he left this life (as he would say) on Friday evening, August 16th ……. “

  I was drinking on the deck with a friend who was visiting from Texas Friday night. I was finishing a roll in Jim’s Agfa Super Silette with the last roll of RRAlexander’s favorite film – Kentmere 100, which was reloaded by him literally. Later in the night (I supposed around the time of his passing give it or take), when it’s time to rewind it, it broke in half inside the camera a quarter way through rewinding. We all know film normally does not split in half, if anything the tape at the end gives out. Maybe I am thinking too much, or maybe he’s simply such a great guy who can make an impact in someone else’s life in such a short period of time, for me to think that much. Or…….

  Now in honor of RRAlexander. I shall reveal the last roll of kentmere 100 that I got from him. After all it’s not a blog post without any photos. I hope I didn’t disappoint you my friend. Kentmere 100 in XTOL 1+2 with Agfa Super Sillette.

Rest In Peace My Good Friend.

11 thoughts on “In Memory of RRAlexander

  1. Thanks for the memorial. Well done. Being a native Michigander by birth through high school, the photos play on my childhood memories. I can feel R’s conduit in a strange way via a special roll of broken Kentmere 100.
    R became a close personal friend of mine over the last few years. Our friendship revolved around motorcycles, motorcycle journeys and most recently photography. Just being around him, I caught his enthusiasm for film. We both “erected” dark rooms out of our overstuffed California garages (the equivalent of a basement for most regions). R was up and running in no time. I still struggle to create results of R’s quality, but now know where the bar has been set. Someday…
    R’s last email transmission to me the morning of his passing ended as follows: “What I really want is a nice long contract that’ll pay for a 2014 Indian Chief”. I have a feeling that Chief fits him perfectly.
    R.I.P. (Ride In Peace) The point of a journey is not to arrive…anything can happen.

    • By you saying you were building a darkroom too and being one of his riding buddy. I do know who you are! Not by name but most certainly heard things about you, I even know what camera you just bought but I am having a brain freeze right now. Guess what, besides my roll ripped in half. Dan woke up Saturday with a roll of Kentmere on his desk. Oh man maybe we just miss this guy too much. Well Sir it’s really nice finally talking to you, even though not under the greatest circumstances, life is a mystery I guess. So you still getting your darkroom going? And do you have a blog? If so I must follow yours. Any good friends of Raymond gotta be good people.

      And you are so right about Ride In Peace. I can only imagine he’s riding like the wind now.

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