gaf Ansco Autoset CdS Shutter

I got this gaf Ansco Autoset CdS from a store for next to nothing. Shutter froze up when I got it, it stuck open 3/4 of the way. It is basically same as a Minolta Hi-Matic. They both comes with a Citizen PE shutter. Lets do it. Important reminder, you might have to do a lens collimation after this, i checked mine, it came out perfect, but it might not always be the case.

1.) First Unscrew the 3 set screws, and the top ring will lift off

2.) First, twist the lens (front element, also for focus) off the body counter clockwise, then unscrew everything circled red.


3.) First, twist off the other lens assembly off the body. Then, pull the pin out with purple circle, and you can proceed to take the screws out in red. DO NOT LIFT IT OFF YET.

4.) I said don’t pull it off, because, under where its circled red here, there is a tiny little metal ball underneath. You have the option of unscrew that part and get the ball out first, or, lift the whole thing out and hope you don’t lose the ball. The ball gives you the click while selecting A, B or Flash. Either way, Lift this off carefully.

5.) First you need to know there’s a roller on the top of that pin circled in purple, the tiny roller does come off, you might as well take it off and put it aside.
Proceed to take the whole shutter speed ring off with the brass color plate  This assembly controls the manual aperture, and, Shutter.


6.) You see the actual shutter. I am not going to tell you exactly how everything works. But, If your shutter appears to be stuck, check where I circled with purple. The red circle is actually where the shutter button triggers the chain reaction. You probably wants to use some lighter fluid, one tiny drop at a time, and move everything with your finger, also observe the chain reaction when you wind the film. Where it has 2 purple circle overlapping is critical, if that is not right the shutter won’t cock right, once again, observe. Its very easy to get lighter fluid on the shutter. If you do. Wipe it off with electrical cleaner (But i am not responsible for long term effect with electrical cleaner on the shutter blades), So, just don’t get the shutter, the aperture, and the rear lens element (in that order) oily.


Little note on the focusing ring when reassembling. Putting the final (front lens element) piece in.  Twice it back on all the way in, and you put the front (focusing) ring back on, the front ring will only fit one way watch the 3 lines at the side it will give you pretty good ideas. After that, with the lens screw all the way in, set the ring to infinity, and put the set screws back on. Now, check you focus at infinity via lens collimation, if needed.


If for whatever reason you really want to go to town on this camera.

12 thoughts on “gaf Ansco Autoset CdS Shutter

  1. Hi,
    bought one like this today E 5,00 🙂 on the fleemarket. The viewer is a pile of dust and the battery is dead; rest is working like a charm. Tomorrow a fresh one but how can I get into the viewer ?
    “Butkus” is ‘offline’ forever ??

    • First off congratulation on finding the camera, it’s very fun to use. To get to the viewfinder you need to disassemble the top. Film advance and rewind crank and a couple of screws, The circular plate on top of the film advance spins off, if you wedge the rewind lever at the bottom from the inside the top should spin off. There might be more rings underneath both items I just mentioned, Then there might be couple other screws you can easily find and the top should come off. Caution, I do not remember if there are any wires connected from the body to the top plate, so be careful. When you are cleaning inside the finder, first off blow the dust off with a hand pump, then if you must make contact with any glass, make sure you go very very light, or you will end up scratching it and making it worst. Take a very good look inside the finder and see anything you will knock it out of place before you do anything. If you need more help feel free to let me know.

      I just check buktus is up and running, Follow this link


  2. Hi, put a fresh LR9 in and up goes the meter on top of the camera !! Thanks for your answers I start in a few hours; but inside the viewer this ‘sheet’ with corner marks is loose now ! So carefull is relative 😉


  3. Hi Derek,
    Got it all open: 1/3 mirror is broken> 2/3 is still in place > glued > there’s a bumb on the outside>counter glass loose>eye piece loose>all glued>didn’t change the rubber around eyepiece inside(later)>don’t know how to put the ‘sheet’ back?! Up side down? In reverse ?Love this horsing around with a real mechanical camera  although my welding on other camera’s is a weak point 😦

  4. Fixed it 🙂 the ‘sheet’ is the film-like piece of material glued in front of the mirror, intended for the distance scale.Didn’t renewed the lightseals so run some film tru to see if there are any light leaks.
    Any results I will show you.

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